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Early Years / Primary


"Mindful Buddies" Program

Ages 3-8
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This highly engaging "Animal-Assisted Mindfulness" program for children ages 3-8 years fosters greater emotional regulation skills through mindful movement, breathing, sensory activities, relaxation exercises and interaction with bunnies.


Improved :

  • Focus

  • Empathy and Kindness

  • Emotional Awareness and Impulse Control

  • Feelings of Calm and Connection

Benefits From This Program

What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is focusing on the present moment in a clear, kind and accepting way.

Why "Animal-Assisted Mindfulness Training?"


Animals live in the present moment. They provide a unique opportunity for children to develop their "Mindful Qualities of Awareness" which include: Empathy, Kindness, Connection, Focus, Impulse Control and Calm

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"Mindful Buddies" workshops include:

  • an information letter to parents

  • a resource package for educators

  • a highly interactive guided mindfulness lesson including mindful movement and yoga

  • an interactive session with bunnies

  • a "Mindful Buddy Tool Kit" for each child to use and take home

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