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Attention in Action Curriculum


Children receive mindfulness instruction in the form of lessons, activities and games in the following areas:

Mindful Moves

These exercises integrate a variety of yoga, tai chi, and qigong movements to music. Participating not only helps the child warm up the muscles in the body but also the parts of the brain that help one to focus. Many of the moves are referred to as positive affirmations Ex. Tadasana is “I am Powerful” so enhance self-esteem through daily participation.

Brain and Body Basics

Investigating the parts of the brain, their function and their affect on the body provides children with a greater understanding and appreciation for mindfulness practice. These engaging and highly interactive activities inspire children to delve into the inquiry of neuroscience.

Super Senses

Participating in sensory activities brings the mind and body to the present moment. Providing children with a variety of enriching activities that focus on the 6 senses allow each individual the opportunity to gain all of the benefits of mindful awareness.

Breathin’ and Chillaxin’

Becoming conscious of one’s breath is an essential component to an effective mindfulness practice. Practicing a variety of breathing techniques on a regular basis in a fun and enjoyable way can have a profound affect over a child’s daily mental, physical and emotional well being. When guiding the children through visualizations the teacher creates clear mental images for the students to focus on while drawing their bodies and minds into deeper levels of relaxation.

Nurture Nature

Spending time in outdoor settings cultures presence in children. Consciously connecting to elements in nature has a noticeable impact on children’s mental, physical and emotional development. From participating in active games to quiet moments of reflection, children thoroughly appreciate the outdoor education component of this program.

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