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Mindfulness Meditation Online Course for Adults


Culture Calm Amidst Chaos

Tools to find peace in our busy world

Mindfulness is focusing on the present moment in a clear, kind and accepting way. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote well-being. Through a range of guided mindful movement and meditation sessions including breath awareness and body relaxation the participant will develop and deepen a formal and informal mindfulness practice. Other topics include: the neuroscience of mindfulness, mindful communication and loving kindness meditation. There are opportunities for partner, group and individual reflection.

The Benefits: 

Build Awareness – Create Resilience – Generate Happiness – Regulate Emotions – Lose Weight – Boost Immune System

6 week online course-Nov. 3rd to Dec. 8th-Tuesday evenings- 6:30-8:30pm

Cost: $120.00

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